Saturday, March 13, 2010

My New Toys!!~ For 2010!!

2 L lens for better photos

New notebook, a Acer I5, cheap yet cool to be (Dont care bout the brand)

With the crystal notebook skin

Super Saiyan Goku MG!!~

& Final Fantasy 13 english ver!!~ YEAH!!

Sign off~ I will b flyinh east malaysia on monday!!~ C ya!!~ Nitez

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Special Price for Canon Camera

Anyone interested in getting new DSLR? Or new lens kit? I have offer range of Canon product save up RM500 then outside market price. Call or sms me 012-6037311 to find out more. Canon 500D only at RM3k with 18-55mm. Contact for other details.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fake white hair for Candy new shoot..

Nice? The shoot most likely will b on feb.. Noe pending as i m busy with work..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Portrait Shoot on Sat

Busy with work recently..Woke up early in the morning as he promise to buy me breakfast b4 shoot XD Photograper group nigel, vincent, ricky n I, pro assistant Joanne Tan. Model : Jny & Eugene

Nigel staring Gollum

Group Pic
Rush back for Candy after shoot as she got sick, couldnt take care of her as i was busy work last few day..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Year 2010 Resolution

1st Will cut down my expenses mostly on my toy / gadget more then rm500

2nd Will try to slim down bit as too long didnt exercise. Shit chuby!!

3rd Will earn more $$ to pay out my loan and expenses for my car, SAMAN!!

4rd Will avoid SAMAN!! Hahahaa.. SAMAN is not matter u drive safe not.
As they will find reason to catch you.

5th Will improve more on my working skill, well.. any jobs for me?

6th Will try to change as in bad habits.. Bad memory.. Bad temper sometimes..
Control.. control..

7th Will comfort up Candy,me family & friend more and even better.

What I want
Specific MG Gunpla..
More $$$$
LOVE & Support from my gf. Muack!!~ Heheee

Late Dec Issue

A visit at Studio Rom, they doing some shot for P1

24th Sarpor's 21st Birthday, Muack!!~

25th X'mas at Genting, No photos XD Candy 21st at Casino

26th - 28th
Fishville X'mas

A nix providence for my ichy hand

Dinner @ Italianiece One Utama

29th PLUS Persada Launching project on 7th Setup
A view of the PLUS HQ

Jason & Shany's wedding on 31 dec

The glamorous XD

We did countdown on the day itself, best wishes to the lovely couple