Sunday, July 29, 2007

Release me from work..

Wow.. its has been awhile that i didnt blog.. Kinda busy with some video projects.. Someone please save me from it. Great news came in now. Officially annouce in my blog, that i m not single liao.. I m now with Candy. (Out from the "J" curse) Briefly go tru bout her. She is 19, (but look like 16-17) Currently studying in Stamford K.L. She was a cheerleader b4 > Muriel. Love dancing & karoeke < if i not mistaken. A very cute little girl, who hav 8 friendster accounts.. Wow.. lots of guys like to add her..(She is sort of cute princess hitz) lols.. Well, whats makes Candy n Lohchai together? Simple, Lohchai likes sweet candies. LAME.. We both juz happen to be with each other, the moment i saw her.. i was like " Alamak.. i hav to jaga her as she is so naive " (She is a very simple minded girl). She is very thin.. Hmm.. Seriously need to pump fat on her.. Takes time.. But i m very sure tat she will b better in size n i will feed her kao kao. She is trying hard to be more muture and independent (she alwaz kena bully bcos she is small), every saturday is Candy day!! Altot we juz only together but i really apprieciate what she did for me.

Other then tat.. CHEERLEADING!!~ I REALLY MISS CHEERLEADING!! It hav been awhile tat i didnt attend cheer practise!!~ Aiks!!~ Punishment 4 sets of double whip for each day.. I cant go wed prac as i got video editing to do, i cant go gym on sunday as i got astro n other video shooting to handle.. GOD!!~ I miss cheerleading so much!! Guess i hav to be in group c or d >> CHARM casual cheerleader. I dun think i can perform or compete next year.. CHARM!! sob...

SHe is NoT only CUTE but also SMART?? lols..

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Super Natural Poser for Cineleisure Magazine"

Staring by CHARM girls, i m the only guy wiv attire there.. Recently havin a project from honda, tech challege, going around state to shoot.. Too busy to blog.. these are some photo taken.. All camwhores..

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lots of Pics.. Happening week

The very belated birthday celebration by Datin Karen

So You Think You Can Dance Final

Alam won the competition.. Pity Dennis but its kinda great as least he can make it tru so FAR!! GREAT JOB!! Friday

Jeremy's bro wedding,Saturday