Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1950 - 1980's RM1 & RM5, Malaysia old coin

Anyone interested of buying it? Let me know..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Circle of Life and Cheerleading Friendship

Everyone have their own problem and a time period of decision making
either its worth taking it?

In sense of could you:
Time for IT?
Whether you can arrange time for it so it wont affect your daily life.

Costing for IT?
Of cause, make sure you have enough $$ to pay for it.

Maintain IT?
Focusing, physical health,and things you can do base on your ability and safety.

And most of all, Relationship problem?
in terms of will it affect family, your very own partner, or your friendship.

There is lots of REASON why people give out their passion. And then, they will give out some excuse to explain.


I joined CHARM 2 years,
Quited for its system and PNC problem.
CHARM = its depends what you desire for cheerleading,as a HARDCORE Cheerleader
Just its not where I belong now but still some buddy I miss there, JIAYOU.

I joned REBELS 3 days practise with Candy and we QUIT!!
I like them so much, the people, practise environment and so on!! FRIENDLY!!

WHY QUIT!! As there is a place I am looking for?
Fooling or PLAY PLAY around? NO!! We are adult and we realise our problem.
Quit earlier better then later although.. Very sob.

1. We couldnt manage our time
2. I admit stamina is not like before and
how long again to train back as we dont have time?
3. PNC problem not to be mention as this is us, other wont understand.

I told Kim Swee our problem, he accepted and he wish and welcome us back anytime.
REBEL ROCKS!!~ As I will be gratefull to help Rebels, alliance with them for future cheerleading projects. No doubt for it.

At first I memang also tak shock also la, sendiri nak masuk then keluar like that.
Finally we did it also as we understand where and what condition we are into.
You might look me down as a loser, or some dickhead I would like to mention,
cocky playboy cheerleader,BUT
HEY!!~ I can still do my part for Cheerleading, I created my role, promoting cheerleading, giving out cheerleading event contact and so much on support cheerleading as guardian.

As long as you support them in other way such as doing paper work, cardboard, cheer all out for team, so much other way being a committee member.

Last words,
Please respect people's decision whether you think is right or wrong.

Its not your business, as you really care as friend, support he or her to hapiness.

Be a role model to others, make them jealous!!~
Cheerleader Rocks the floor!!~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I tried this..

Let a ring rest on another which is standing. lols.. Can YOU do it? Altot it looks simple..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PC Fair

Anyone went there? Sad to say nothing great deal offer on that day. I see hard sales on Maxis Iphone 3G but I prefer to wait for Sony Erisson's new model.. 'SE Idou' if i not mistaken the name, come with full frame LCD, 12.1 megapixel!! and also TV function. It will be launch later this year. So whats Iphone 3G comparing it?

Again, pack like sardine.. Nothing cheaper but some useless free gift.. Just go there for a walk searching for new things..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tag - Too bored in office

1.What is your real name?
Kelvin Loh Kin Weng

2. Do you like it?
Not really..

3. Are you single or taken?

6. Your current age?
25 jor

7. Your current feelings right now?
Sien in the office

8. What are your hobbies?
Gunpla and cheerleading.

9. Who are you currently missing the most?
My little Sarpor.

10. If you are in school, the principle allows you to wish for anything, what would it be?
Go back sleep, school is office, principle is boss to me.

11. Who inspires you the most?
My dad

12. Do you believe in miracles?

13. One miracle that God showed in your life?
Maybe, or not yet, I don't know

14. Favourite song?
Trust, theme from GUNDAM 00

15. Name 3 random things that you love to do.

1) Cari Masalah
2) Cari Duit
3) Cari Ceria

16. 3 random things that you dislike?

1) Annoying
2) Dickhead
3) Loser

17. What are you looking forward to?

18. Tag this quiz to 10 people!
Hmm.. Anyone??

Random post

Hey Ya!!~ Was busy for the past week, here is some picture from my phone to blog out.

Don't hold back for Burger!!~ 100% pounder Beef, Cheese, Mushroom & Onion, Bacon!!~
Oh HELL!! That why I M FAT!!

Famous Mamak at Bangsar, Kari Ikan Kepala!!
Dad is picking their goreng..

Look at the Q

Their Recipe, Curry Fish Head

Time for me to 'control' my diet..
A very belated video.. Rainbow at C3 09, Congrats to all winning team, cheers!!~

Prudential Award Dinner

Reshmonu as performer

DJ on the floor!!~

Hennesy X.O Dinner, Camwhoring at hallway

The inside party.

This bottle of Hennesy XO 5 liter cost RM70k, included the box set.

At MATRADE building, camwhoring again.

Found this 'tang lang', I was playing with it for nearly an hour as I was waiting for some Tan Sri, Dato, Datin.. But unfortunely I didnt figure any Kungfu with it.. Lols..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Depth of field

I was boring waiting for a job to start off. So I walk out to the park to snap some picture shallowing depth of field as blurring back and foreground.

Non-touch up photos. Naturally base for fun.

HaPi AnniVerSary

Muack!!~ Muack, MUACK!!~ HaPi Anniversary SarPoR!!
3 more months to go 2 years!! Sorry that I have been busy and kinda tired lately..
No PRESENT for you this month,but I will get u 1 someother day when we go shopping.
But then, lets go Aunty punya Jap restaurant for makan ya!!
With Love.. Thanks for being with me.