Monday, April 20, 2009

Circle of Life and Cheerleading Friendship

Everyone have their own problem and a time period of decision making
either its worth taking it?

In sense of could you:
Time for IT?
Whether you can arrange time for it so it wont affect your daily life.

Costing for IT?
Of cause, make sure you have enough $$ to pay for it.

Maintain IT?
Focusing, physical health,and things you can do base on your ability and safety.

And most of all, Relationship problem?
in terms of will it affect family, your very own partner, or your friendship.

There is lots of REASON why people give out their passion. And then, they will give out some excuse to explain.


I joined CHARM 2 years,
Quited for its system and PNC problem.
CHARM = its depends what you desire for cheerleading,as a HARDCORE Cheerleader
Just its not where I belong now but still some buddy I miss there, JIAYOU.

I joned REBELS 3 days practise with Candy and we QUIT!!
I like them so much, the people, practise environment and so on!! FRIENDLY!!

WHY QUIT!! As there is a place I am looking for?
Fooling or PLAY PLAY around? NO!! We are adult and we realise our problem.
Quit earlier better then later although.. Very sob.

1. We couldnt manage our time
2. I admit stamina is not like before and
how long again to train back as we dont have time?
3. PNC problem not to be mention as this is us, other wont understand.

I told Kim Swee our problem, he accepted and he wish and welcome us back anytime.
REBEL ROCKS!!~ As I will be gratefull to help Rebels, alliance with them for future cheerleading projects. No doubt for it.

At first I memang also tak shock also la, sendiri nak masuk then keluar like that.
Finally we did it also as we understand where and what condition we are into.
You might look me down as a loser, or some dickhead I would like to mention,
cocky playboy cheerleader,BUT
HEY!!~ I can still do my part for Cheerleading, I created my role, promoting cheerleading, giving out cheerleading event contact and so much on support cheerleading as guardian.

As long as you support them in other way such as doing paper work, cardboard, cheer all out for team, so much other way being a committee member.

Last words,
Please respect people's decision whether you think is right or wrong.

Its not your business, as you really care as friend, support he or her to hapiness.

Be a role model to others, make them jealous!!~
Cheerleader Rocks the floor!!~


Maddie said...

pls you dunno what happened, and we respect her decision when she quit during the beginning of this year. But after that she choose to come back competition and practice cause she misses it and we dont mind her joining it back, but the next day she quit she said her bf dun let her. Wat is that man? u dunno wat happened. Pls we are doin great.

KELVIN LOH said...

as i told u, people will just give other excuse as they quit.pls there are more things behind it to hold her back, u think quit then quit meh, she wish to quit then let it be la. As u think your team is great enough, congrats!!~

M@RuKo Chan said...

since u said respecting ppl's decision then juz keep quite n let her go...dun let ur fren stay in a dilemma situation...

tongtong said...

maddie,yea i had said tat my bf dun let..
i lazy to explain so much.
its juz an excuse
if not say my bf let but ......bla bla bla... u will understand mie?
u will treat ur bf like..girls bossy. ur leader style..but im u break v ur bf,other looks so easy~ break den break lar...u oso dunno wat happen den simply blame ppl. doin great?speechless.if u feel ure doin great u continue lar.