Tuesday, December 25, 2007

WhaTs MoRE For a K850i? K850i vs N95?

As info, i actually trade in my w880i for a k850i. Its bout (rm1470).. its actually quite cool for a phone wiv 5mpx,comparing n95 (rm1700+), k850i is much more shaper in focusing BUT n95 is good in color correction.. well, we can juz export the photo to pc to do photoshop rite?

Its obviously tat N95 is much worth value as its hav wireless,AV out,GPS.. BUT whats wiv the size, design (LCD Slide wiv is so thin,its shaky,fragile), sucky interface (blue alwaz).

Well k850i hav its own way to kill, which is auto-rotate (picture n programs),cybershot camera view mode (camera like system) and a lovely interface.
(BUT nothing much bside that..)

Touch screen at bottom (K900i wiv 7mpx is full screen touch)

Auto rotate system

I actually add up a micro lens for it!!~ Hahahaa~ As knowledge camera phone cant do optical zoom (digital zoom only) but now wiv this lens, it can jz go much more closer w/o droping the image quality. Ofcos the lens is removable.. attact magnet to stick len on phone.

K850i wiv COKIN lens, lame me..

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Monthly Blog

Hahaha.. so long didnt blog.. now i blog kao kao...

I was sick mid of oct. stress n tired.. headache and so on.. bad throat.. however.. little nurse here was trying to feed me medicine but i yet still busy taking pictures..

she is learning how to cook.. look how she wear to avoid jumping oil lol..

Gundam festival at Sungai Wang

I was there trying to buy strike freedom (normal edition mg) its only rm145!!~ normally rm175. however i was working later as i scare my dad scold me for buying it. So i ask Dengfung (my best friend) to buy for me next day.. guess wat.. sold out in the evening.. i expected him to buy for me in the morning.. sob.. nevermine.. i brought wing gundam KA version for rm109 only.. trying to learn spray..

Here is some creative gundam contest model.. (Zeta)

Zeta riding a bike..

The Zeta bride..

Uncle Lim Funeral

Guess what.. i m the official videographer for genting group, wahahahaa.. its freaking hard to get permission to get tru gohtong villa and his memorial park (restricted area,even press media not allow to enter). its the most grand funeral..
My gf parent said tat they saw me run around in tv working.. hanging wiv lots of passes.. ahahaha.. do u notice me when they have it live in tv??

behind the scene.. exclusive picture of mine.. (i guess i can sell it to the media as they not allow to take or enter)

Gohtong villa house entrace (where the prayer n event held, u have to get tru 2 security gate and 1 guard house to enter here)

This picture was taken when all VVIP givin their condolence speech to Uncle Lim.. really bhind the scene. his coffin was surround by his grand children.

The memorial park, where is on the way to Awarna genting, totally retricted, as only family member and official people there..

After the event finish.. we rest for 2 hour n we drive to Kuantan for next job.. damn tired n stress.. sob..

Kuantan (Wilayah Ekonomi Negara launch)
Well, this is where our prime minister receive a flower for a mysterious lady who come out from nowhere.. million of people there..

Thursday, October 4, 2007

3rd month wiv candy

its the 3rd month anniversary on sunday, i noe her since 070707 and now 071007.. i plan to bring her for a vacation this sunday.. hoping everything will be fine. well, my datin project is like never ending story,she wants to wait for the narrator to back as she is in oversea now.. the script seems to have problem.. haih.. i hope i can finish her project between this 2 week, my dad hav been barking me cos i spend too much time on this project. wat to do.. the video clip below is funny.. i did it when i was in office havin OT as i have to wait for the rendering project.

Me posing wiv my elmo..

LoVe candy..

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lastest update

First of all i wanna say thanks for viewing my blog.. lol.. i didnt update for so long.. so sorry..

On the 15th of september is my dad's birthday, he hav his party at ceasar karaoke in SS2.. wiv a group of oldies (sorry to say that) & they hav a erotic cake for him. hahahaaa.. i drop by to say hello to every of them n i ciao back to office to continue my work. We celebrate his belated coming next friday nite (family dinner). happy birthday dad..

however.. i m rushing a editing to present for Datin Sri Ann Chan (Chan Kong Choy's wife) that nite.. haih.. so i hav to skip charm prac on friday again.. dunno like 54 sets of toetouch whip fine...

i went paktor wiv candy after datin's presentation. she gav me a belated anniversary present. (2nd month liao) hehehee.. she is still sweet as usual.. n she gav me a "TURN A" gundam which is the number 100th gundam model.. special 1.. she went timesquare to search for a zaku gundam for me actually but "ah G" the gundam seller said tat i got a red zaku which i don have (i dun even have 1 zaku.. haih). well.. she afraid that she buy wrong so she went sungai wang to buy a "turn a" gundam which the gundam shop is much more expensive.. well.. she make me so "gan dong" cause i promise her not to buy gundam till oct.. n she get 1 for me pula.. i will post up the gundam pic as i fin fixin it.. its a gundam wiv a big "misai" very funny n weird 1.. tats y "ah g" dun wan to import "turn A" as he assume no one will buy it.. but candy think its special.. hahahaa.. Love u very much.. bibi..

My CandY

Dad's birthday cake..

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sense Around Cineleisure Booklet

Lol.. Finally, its out.. Get it at cineleisure info counter at the center court.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy 1st Month Anniversary

I hav a haircut monday morning, short to spike up. Qigong qigong.. i hav been draging the project as its really freakin boring. I expected her to scold me as it haven really done as for the 1st preview. During the meeting, the qigong master (sifu) was sitting beside me. viewing back the whole entire video (CHAPTER 1 to 11) explaining which part tat need to be cut out (due to some mistake and unwanted movement). However, Datin who sit bhind us fall asleep at the sofa.. (she might be too tired i guess) so no bad comment or critic on the video.. jz tell me which part n brief me what i need to add on. Lucky me.. 2nd overral preview is on monday. hopefully i can manage the project nicely.

My mum brought me a ORIS watch!!~ worth rm3790!!! (She got special price as she is a press member 45% so its rm2000 plus)wakakaka.. my 1st signature watch.. thanks mum!!

& Happy 1st month anniversary.. Hehehehe.. so fast 1 month liao. Happy alwazs!!~


Back to old spike look,waiting it to be longer

ORIS swiss... Hehehee..

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Release me from work..

Wow.. its has been awhile that i didnt blog.. Kinda busy with some video projects.. Someone please save me from it. Great news came in now. Officially annouce in my blog, that i m not single liao.. I m now with Candy. (Out from the "J" curse) Briefly go tru bout her. She is 19, (but look like 16-17) Currently studying in Stamford K.L. She was a cheerleader b4 > Muriel. Love dancing & karoeke < if i not mistaken. A very cute little girl, who hav 8 friendster accounts.. Wow.. lots of guys like to add her..(She is sort of cute princess hitz) lols.. Well, whats makes Candy n Lohchai together? Simple, Lohchai likes sweet candies. LAME.. We both juz happen to be with each other, the moment i saw her.. i was like " Alamak.. i hav to jaga her as she is so naive " (She is a very simple minded girl). She is very thin.. Hmm.. Seriously need to pump fat on her.. Takes time.. But i m very sure tat she will b better in size n i will feed her kao kao. She is trying hard to be more muture and independent (she alwaz kena bully bcos she is small), every saturday is Candy day!! Altot we juz only together but i really apprieciate what she did for me.

Other then tat.. CHEERLEADING!!~ I REALLY MISS CHEERLEADING!! It hav been awhile tat i didnt attend cheer practise!!~ Aiks!!~ Punishment 4 sets of double whip for each day.. I cant go wed prac as i got video editing to do, i cant go gym on sunday as i got astro n other video shooting to handle.. GOD!!~ I miss cheerleading so much!! Guess i hav to be in group c or d >> CHARM casual cheerleader. I dun think i can perform or compete next year.. CHARM!! sob...

SHe is NoT only CUTE but also SMART?? lols..

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Super Natural Poser for Cineleisure Magazine"

Staring by CHARM girls, i m the only guy wiv attire there.. Recently havin a project from honda, tech challege, going around state to shoot.. Too busy to blog.. these are some photo taken.. All camwhores..

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lots of Pics.. Happening week

The very belated birthday celebration by Datin Karen

So You Think You Can Dance Final

Alam won the competition.. Pity Dennis but its kinda great as least he can make it tru so FAR!! GREAT JOB!! Friday

Jeremy's bro wedding,Saturday