Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kiwanis Treasure Hunt P.J to Melacca

Lol.. I dun know y I hav problem uploading picture to my blog recently.. However this event happen last Saturday. I was staying over night @ Datin Karen's house friday night (She takut i dun appear next morning as I m the driver for the team). We deco our car for few hour as sticking all the logo sticker n stuff that nite.. HOwever Chew Yee won the best dressed car, if not her team then is ours d.. Well we all gather @ Kelana Seafood Center by 6am & start up our journey bout 7. We go up n down in Subang Area, Ayer Keroh & Melaka. It was quite fun & we only manage to answer 8/37 question,altot we answer 35 of them.. Overrall marks we got 20/95.. Issit the higher mark in LBS team?? Tat i think Datin shud noe.. HAHAHA.. We makan lots of food there.. Thanks to Yeoh.. Sorry I slept tru all the conversation at night as I couldnt be just only a listener. Happy journey and thanks to all.. Datin Karen - Navigator, Keith - Driver 2 and Lisa.

Friday, May 25, 2007

So U Think U Can Dance Top 12

Top 12 d Dennis.. More OOmm la.. U doin great n we support u alwaz. This time sellors Elaine,vivian & friends, Sam n Weiwern is here to cheer u out. More fire next time.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

So U think U can Dance Top 14

Back here again. This round Dennis dance tru!! Bottom 4 is Jimmy (I dun know y), Chris, Alice & Becky. Well.. Chris & Alice out this time.. However.. Here is some picture of us supporting Dennis..

Hehehe.. I curi-curi take this 2 picture when I was waiting in some1 house before the competition.. They bake cake for the 1st time.. Can eat la. Hahahaha..

Supporter of Dennis

Everyone seems enjoy, all the hardcore fan

Elaine & YuinThing


Simone & the poser

Simone's Bf & CheeWei

"Home made"..

ChengChoo, Florence & Fiona

Ooo Dennis!!~

Ready to dance

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's day round 2

Sunday nite after prac @ gym.. Celebrated mother's day wiv granny & Ann..

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's day round 1

Celebrated mother's day @ Amcorp Mall.. As buy my mum n 2nd sis japanese dinner > Umei tei. My 2nd sis baked my mum a tiramitsu cake.. Not bad @ all.. Well hav to celebrate again wiv my granny n Ann tonite..

Friday, May 11, 2007


So do you think u can dance? Well Dennis can!!~ Enter top 16 d.. Congrats to him, last thursday I went there live to c Dennis wiv Chee Wei,Chengchoo & Florence follow up wiv Dennis's family. So Dennis.. we back u up d la!! I guess simone wiv be going also this comin Thursday.

Beside that, FIONA!!~ Thanks for the shirt, I reallyxinfinity like it! Jz fix me.. I change instantly in the car, Florence even dunno that i change.. Hahaha.. Too fast for her >_<. And.. U realy blog me tat way.. Hahaha.. Well below got some pic on the occasion.

Thanks for the shirt!!~ Fiona n Family

The photo here is smaller n blurr.. sorry bcos i using my phone camera only

Dennis gf waving the board

3 judges

Monday, May 7, 2007

ALAMAK.. My car arm

Wat on earth did I hit?? I never know..

IMAO!!~ Toyota serviced my car, checking it out saying tat my vios left front arm bengkok pula.. As u can c in the picture.. So alignment lari sikit.. If wan to repair hav to replace a new whole damn arm which cost me rm900!! Where got $$ for this.. Unfortunely is safe to drive but i jz nid to be more extra careful for not going over hump or hole.. Haih..

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Oooo, 20,000km liao.. Hav been running up and down.. time to service car, morning went to toyota service center.. Change black oil la, service, gas cap change, alignment everything.. End up RM400!! Hahaha.. Now I can feel how expensive to maintain a car.. Well, hav to face it.. Will collect my car this evening..

Ouch.. Go @way.. BAD LUCK

Ooo dear.. getting emo d.. Suppose to hav a astro job today, but my dad find some1 to replace me.. Fine, i got time to go bbgym then.. today wanna practise twist cradle for Sandra.. Unfortunely i hav no base wiv me.. Chee Wei find me ANNIE.. well.. how to cradle wiv Annie.. I noe i m kinda discourage but i m bit emo today.. I also shout lost temper 1 time when Annie doing extension wiv 1 hand and all the weight go towards me.. Gosh.. M I tat... "Nevermine,nothing.." I said to them trying to control myself.. N my fone.. dad called me n sms me saying tat loreal mic missing in the bag.. WTF.. Ann advise me to check everything when i work,make sure nothing left but y still got missing thing? Tell me wat happen.. I m kinda pissed.. i sure kena scould again tmr when i go work.. I dun really wan to explain much so please let me do my work nicely..

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Bad day.. But fun!! Unlucky!!

Wow.. Lots bad thing happening today.. Well, I promise Sam to watch Spiderman 3, the coolest super hero movie.. by 11.00am. So i did wake up earlier this morning bcos i visit Avalanche practise, trying to help out.. Unfortunely, durng a stun spotting, i fell.. Its so lucky tat the flyer got a big cushion <<>POLICE ROAD BLOCK.. & i was on the phone!! Hahaha.. Wat else.. Kena road block la.. I wind down the window, telling the police "I tak de masa la". Police "Habis tak nak saman?". I "Rm20 boleh?" opening my wallet, Police "OK" Once the police grab the $$ i close the window i fly back to my journey. The conversation is less then 30 sec,hahaha.. Park outside run up cinema n meet up Sam.. 11.15am. THe show juz start .. lol.. After the show, we have our lunch @ genki, then i lepak @ Sam's house, watch boring naruto the movie 3. Mum keep calling me to go her house to hav dinner, her home made "pan mee" so by 6, i jz drove off again heading tmn tun. Using NKVE again.. Guess what.. there is someting black long tool, like a pipe on the 3rd lane.. I avoided it but boom!! My right back tyre kena cut!! n puncit!! ARRGGHHH!!~ Tyre kena cut kenot repair but replace, i drove nearby petrol station n change spare tyre <<>rm165.. Wat a day..

Me changing tyre @ petrol station

The CUT tat costs me RM165, who set tat trap??

The replacement for a new tyre >_< What a lame day..

Thursday, May 3, 2007

27th May CHARM poser for Seventeen Mag.. My candy shots

Mr Chong, our CHARM coach is here for the magazine as well, lol..
Our Captain Lim Chee Wei, Ya.. posing again when he c the cam.
Our co-captain Sandra Tock
Rachel the hot devil
Steph Thomas, layaning me when i say i wan to take her pic.
Marcus retarded picture.. I dunno y i still take..
Emily telling story bout toe picthes.. A candy shot of her.
Ya.. This Eric.. A cool pic of him.. Then here comes Marcus aka CHARM man, awaken
Jeremy baby.. Wat i can say bout him is please behave..

ChengChoo.. Going to pose..
Rachel & Cheng CHoo..
Cheng Choo start doing her funny face
& her funny pose..
Every1 trying to pose like her..
Simone talking..
& here is me.. The cubby fat face..
Are they trying to reach up to the lamp post??
Here comes the silky girl Sandra Chan.. Cute girl she is.
THe FiNale of the whole dingy.. End of story..