Sunday, May 6, 2007

Ouch.. Go @way.. BAD LUCK

Ooo dear.. getting emo d.. Suppose to hav a astro job today, but my dad find some1 to replace me.. Fine, i got time to go bbgym then.. today wanna practise twist cradle for Sandra.. Unfortunely i hav no base wiv me.. Chee Wei find me ANNIE.. well.. how to cradle wiv Annie.. I noe i m kinda discourage but i m bit emo today.. I also shout lost temper 1 time when Annie doing extension wiv 1 hand and all the weight go towards me.. Gosh.. M I tat... "Nevermine,nothing.." I said to them trying to control myself.. N my fone.. dad called me n sms me saying tat loreal mic missing in the bag.. WTF.. Ann advise me to check everything when i work,make sure nothing left but y still got missing thing? Tell me wat happen.. I m kinda pissed.. i sure kena scould again tmr when i go work.. I dun really wan to explain much so please let me do my work nicely..

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