Thursday, May 3, 2007

27th May CHARM poser for Seventeen Mag.. My candy shots

Mr Chong, our CHARM coach is here for the magazine as well, lol..
Our Captain Lim Chee Wei, Ya.. posing again when he c the cam.
Our co-captain Sandra Tock
Rachel the hot devil
Steph Thomas, layaning me when i say i wan to take her pic.
Marcus retarded picture.. I dunno y i still take..
Emily telling story bout toe picthes.. A candy shot of her.
Ya.. This Eric.. A cool pic of him.. Then here comes Marcus aka CHARM man, awaken
Jeremy baby.. Wat i can say bout him is please behave..

ChengChoo.. Going to pose..
Rachel & Cheng CHoo..
Cheng Choo start doing her funny face
& her funny pose..
Every1 trying to pose like her..
Simone talking..
& here is me.. The cubby fat face..
Are they trying to reach up to the lamp post??
Here comes the silky girl Sandra Chan.. Cute girl she is.
THe FiNale of the whole dingy.. End of story..

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