Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kiwanis Treasure Hunt P.J to Melacca

Lol.. I dun know y I hav problem uploading picture to my blog recently.. However this event happen last Saturday. I was staying over night @ Datin Karen's house friday night (She takut i dun appear next morning as I m the driver for the team). We deco our car for few hour as sticking all the logo sticker n stuff that nite.. HOwever Chew Yee won the best dressed car, if not her team then is ours d.. Well we all gather @ Kelana Seafood Center by 6am & start up our journey bout 7. We go up n down in Subang Area, Ayer Keroh & Melaka. It was quite fun & we only manage to answer 8/37 question,altot we answer 35 of them.. Overrall marks we got 20/95.. Issit the higher mark in LBS team?? Tat i think Datin shud noe.. HAHAHA.. We makan lots of food there.. Thanks to Yeoh.. Sorry I slept tru all the conversation at night as I couldnt be just only a listener. Happy journey and thanks to all.. Datin Karen - Navigator, Keith - Driver 2 and Lisa.

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