Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who want a Pygmy Jerboa?

Got this video link from xiaxue blog, this some kind of hamster? I m sure looking for it if available in Malaysia

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cheap Promo for Food

Breakfast at KFC!! U have to ask for the "Promotion A.M Raiser,else they will give use the normal a.m value set. The promotion burger is just rm4.20 inculde tax. At least its a burger with a piece of chicken and a drink of orange juice/coffee/milo..
Better value then MC'D's McMuffin with coffee.. The promo is quite long, dunno how long it will last.. But Candy and I love A.M Raiser, Right? Bibi.. Hehehee muacks!!

Our next favor food, Yoshinoya's new recipe, Unagi!!~ Unagi Bowl is Rm11.90, serve with softdrink or greentea. Unagi and beef/chic/fish is Rm14.90. The unagi is juicy, tender quality, so wont regret for it as its cheaper then other jap restaurant.

They also have a great value set which is beef/chic/fish bowl serve with tea/soft drink/soup and a chawamushi (tasteless 1) only for Rm6.90. The best thing is, No time limit, order anytime you like!! So you should give it a try.

Dialed 999..

Eshh... I forced to do that. Threating my neighbour as kids.. There are few Indians shifted in next door this year. At first was nothing, but starting from last month, they gather their friends in the middle of the night.

Chatting, yelling for laughter, not even bother their neighbourhood as my granny was one of the victim, who slept just next room to them. Poor old granny even me in a sealing air-cond room was awake by them with their vibration (jumping up and down) even the indian girl screaming laughing so on..

I warned them twice, they keep as me to calm down and they yet still continue the same thing but just a little bit softer. Ish.. didnt respect at all. 1st time 1.30am to 4.30am last 1 1/2 month. 2nd warning 2.30am to 5.30am ( already inform them that I will call the police ) last 3 week ago. And last night 24 May 4.30am they started gathering, awakes me bout 5.20am, thats all forks, without warning, i report police.

I dial 999 and I reported my situation. The desk recorded my report and direct my line to a police officer. He argeed and send a car to our place. Reached bout 5.45am, outside of my neighbour house, lower down the car mirror, starring up to my neighbour floor without them noticing, a big laughter came, and the police officer also couldnt stand it, walk down the car.. Knocking the gate.. they also didnt notice.. ( still enjoying the gathering ) The second officer took a torchlight, keep blinking up their room, finally only they aware..

"Turun!!" Police cakap. I was laughing inside my room behind my curtain, trying to grab picture with my phone unfortunely was to dark to get the picture.

"Buat apa kat atas? Berapa orang kat atas?" Police
".. Tak de apala... Kawan 2,3 kat atas..."
"Bising la u!~" Police
I was lauhing, serve them right.. then I just walk back to my bed.
I think police after some question, recorded their I.C, let them go. Waited awhile in their car and off they go. For those indian, their friend all leave bout 6.30am.

Well.. Sad to say that my granny was awake that night again by them, she is already 90+ years old.. Really hope that we have a peace of mind in future.

P.S Dont make me dial 999 again.. I can make things bigger beside calling the police!! I am in media firm.. lols.. Nights..

Friday, May 15, 2009

A make over for my phone N95

This year.. no new handphone, saving $$ targetting for 42inch Full HD LCD which offer by Spiral after their LG roadshow. As my dream phone SE IDOU is still not yet launch in Malaysia. I do make over my phone with this Zebra Skin which I bought from Mid Valley top floor. DIY straight after at night. XD This how it look.. My N95 calar d.. What to do other then this make over?

Fireman Thai BBQ+Steamboat

As usual, they having promotion as buffet rm20 per person. And for recent notice, they have changed their menu dishes, now its "PORK FREE". Use chic skin to replace pork oil on steamboat and lot more special dishes as Black pepper Lamb, Namyee chicken and so on.. Worth having dinner there, serving food + fire performance at night.

Go Fireman restaurant at Jaya One, not the Cineleisure/Curve Fireman branch. Taste different, environment and no performance in Curve.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ann's Shitsu

Only 2 month old.. She bought it for rm450

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

FunnY Clip Maple Midnight, must watch

Chengsim stole this video from some1, so i also grab it from her as is really funny.
I extended with attach more episode.. so.. Maple fan must watch.

Other video.. Singapore FM987 how fast to take off bra.. No bra day with Muttons..

You will get hit if u laugh, Jap Gameshow

LG Health+ Collection Launch 5th May

LG just launch a series of environment friendly electrical product, also increase health for LG user.

LG showgirl

Korean LG manager on board

Family Post

There is also performances by Korean World BBoy champion 2004, sorry fir didnt grab pic from video. Will upload upon request.

Last week fashion at One Utama

MFDC ( Malaysia Footwear Design Competition ) Award day

One Utama New wing stage

All the organise gather to launch the fashion event

The footwear design

Dancer on stage

Fashion show on stage

Ning Singing

The overral Champion

Next day, Moda fashion show and student designer fashion show.

Charm performing on stage

Designer from Lim Kok Wing

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend - Sunday

Crapt Shit.. Not enough sleep on Saturday night..
"Gambar Sakit Kepala, damn tired while waiting forr dinner"

After a full charge till Sunday,
Candy & I went for Famous Claypot fish head noodle in K.L bout 2pm


After having lunch, we go for a walk at BTS & I brough 3 star shape bulb roomlight.
We went back to PJ and we took some portrait picture, however is too windy in the evening, Candy's skirt keep blow ups.. "Ooops.. we stop then.."

After a short portrait session, back to my home to fix up the light.
Great lighting by the stars.. Love it..

Next stop we have our dinner at Chef Long in SS2
Superb Quality DimSum!! Yat Mong Ha, (Net Prawn with Mayo and Chic Floss)

Superb Ha Gao and Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao 'Target Lock'

D 'Little Vampire Attack'

'Sucking out D Juice'

Look at her la.. Siao..

Hunger for more Xiao Long Bao ( Order more )

End blog with a smilling face, working for LG Launch at JW Marriot on tuesday.