Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cheap Promo for Food

Breakfast at KFC!! U have to ask for the "Promotion A.M Raiser,else they will give use the normal a.m value set. The promotion burger is just rm4.20 inculde tax. At least its a burger with a piece of chicken and a drink of orange juice/coffee/milo..
Better value then MC'D's McMuffin with coffee.. The promo is quite long, dunno how long it will last.. But Candy and I love A.M Raiser, Right? Bibi.. Hehehee muacks!!

Our next favor food, Yoshinoya's new recipe, Unagi!!~ Unagi Bowl is Rm11.90, serve with softdrink or greentea. Unagi and beef/chic/fish is Rm14.90. The unagi is juicy, tender quality, so wont regret for it as its cheaper then other jap restaurant.

They also have a great value set which is beef/chic/fish bowl serve with tea/soft drink/soup and a chawamushi (tasteless 1) only for Rm6.90. The best thing is, No time limit, order anytime you like!! So you should give it a try.

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