Monday, August 31, 2009

3 resting day during the weekend for MERDEKA!!~

Here is some picture what I did recently.. On sat, I took Candy out for photo shooting, will upload later. &...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!~ ??? Nah!!~ Sis brought me some Indian Ear Candle,
is a stick where u plug it on your ear & light it up at the other end.

Mainly just to vacuum out your tahi telinga, hahahaaa!!!~
Inside the stick there is a sponge where filter out the layer of the shit.
& its freaking horrible but fun!!~

Sunday we went shopping @ BTS & seeking for new PS3 game
where we can do team play (not fighting each other)
However, PS3 is still new,encouraging for
single player games its online multiplayerable.
End out bought a cloth for Candy.. lol

Monday, Happy Merdeka!!~ Deng Fung visit my house for PS3,
Showing off my driving skill (showing how suck am I) in RACE DRIVER: GRID
which I bought recently. Ending up laughing whole day long as
the replay showing how I crash my car during the race, details..
Continue by team playing resident evil 5 all day long till night.
View my other blog for PS3 game picture.

Having dinner with sis & bro in law at 1U,
we end up at Pasta ZanMai, as other restaurant is reserved for buka puasa only.
Never mine, as we really enjoy our meal.

The fruit juice that we order.

Superb taste!!~ Scallop pizza!!~ Rm26!!~ expensive but worth for the taste

My unagi rice, come with a set with a speg prawn with sesame cream sauce.
Only Rm22. Not bad at all

I finally found the game that I want!!~ Team play, party game!!
Similar to Bishi Bashi but its cutie!!~ Rm175 as Its new..

Worth it for a play as Candy will like it
& other family member can share the game too as its not violence

Thursday, August 27, 2009


How's everyone's holiday? Well, dropby to wish all the student best of luck in their exam. I finally free!!~ September will be my resting month and more time to visit some exhibition outside!!~

A puppet which i put on candy's face. lol.. too free~

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Totally HD!! Kelvin got his own PS3!!~ & the book he want!!~

Finally.. I have it all I need!!~ Target on moving into HD and Surround Audio (Surround my bed, lol)

Dream list since 2 years ago
42 inc LCD / Sharp
Am surround DTS, Digital 6.1 / Pioneer
HD blu-ray player / gaming, 1080 HDMI / PS3 !! YEAH!!~

PS3 is getting cheap as its new model, slimmer version will be launch on september in oversea, as current ps3 80gb model selling in a reasonable, yet to say cheap price. I bought it from Sony Style BTS,
currently all sony center is giving out a offer.

Console + a dualshock3 game controller (selling at rm180-rm200) is rm1599

But if u get it at rm1699 with either
a 3 in 1 minigame or a online war game

THEN u may choose another 2 package which is

Package A
KOF fighting game RM209 with another free dualshock3 controller & KOF Sticker


Package B
Buy any game with with another free dualshock3 controller &
free pouch to keep your ps3 accessory

Conclusion is RM1699 plus range between RM150 to RM250.

I choose package B which buying Metal Solid 4 RM159
coming with the free dualshock3 and pouch

The controller that you can find in my room
Bottom 2 is air-cond and my 24inc tv to watch normal program, lol

The free pouch to keep your PS3 controller

Perfectly fit in

For more details in PS3, visit my other blog which is


I have been searching for a book name
美少女外拍動作圖解X100 "Model portrait pose x100"
after watching a taiwan entertain program
我猜我猜我猜猜猜 "Guess guess guess", which on 25th July 2009

Its a hot selling book from taiwan, hit sale more then million!!~
Book content
"What should photographer & model not to do" &
Correct posing indoor/outdoor and more!!~

Asked Grace, my dad's friend from taiwan to help me to find the book,
she gave a try at the chinese book fair in KLCC and she found it!!~
(else have to order from taiwan & will be expensive for its shipping)

She gave me the news when I was in Sony Style getting PS3
Thank god!!~ Double happiness!!~
So I went to KLCC after BTS to get the book myself

The book fair, all chinese from oversea

The book front cover

How to pose,correction

Sample of portraits in and outdoor

Book back cover

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!~ P.S I BANKRAPT for all my luxury!!~
& I promise Candy not to spend like this again, LOVE YA!!~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recent updates..

Not happening past day.. This friday I will be shooting fashion show in KLIA. & Saturday will be another cheerleading competition at Cheras Badminton hall, 9am till 6pm!!~ Its called "March & Cheer" organise by Celcom X-pax. So cheerleader supporter, please be there to support!!~ Here is some pic taken recently..

Bivin's Anniversary, our 2 yrs 1 mon anniversary.
We celebrated at Senjyu Japanese Restaurant again after Mum's birthday.

We come back again as Bibi Candy loves the Mango Salmon Sushi.
Lols.. Love you, muacks!!~

Mum's Nemo (parrot fish but its fin its also unbalance) died on 10th august at Candy's dad fish tank (they move in Candy's house since mum having fengshui problem last year). Suspect heart attack or over makan as no injury on fish. But it sure grown big as its actually mini size when they (in pair) shifted in.

Pic taken last month, swimming with others..

Nemo is the center..

Last pic of its own. Farewell Nemo..

My Gundam, MG Exia, spend entire week on it.. Fixed & sprayed in Metalic Coating.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Candy Portrait Sample

Here is some of recent portrait sample

Anyone interested of taking portrait, sms me 012-6037311, we will work things out.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

H1N1 Song - Wonder Girls Nobody MTV

I am sure lots of student having a week holidays recently for the flu infection. So, enjoy this video clip in the meanwhile ya!!~

Here is the real video clip

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blog updated..

Sorry for not updating for so long.. Here is some updates..
Before my busy project week, as Mark intro me for the beach,I drove Candy to Sepang Gold Coast for a walk.

We have our dinner at Pangkor Laut Restaurant, "Steam Pondan Crab" Well, its egg crab la btw..

After the busy week, I drove down to BTS for a tryout of new gunpla, and It's MG EXIA!!~ Just reach time mechine bts 7th floor, I bought 2 as another 1 is for DengFung.

I end up putting it in a metalic coating, awesome MG gundam, here is a credit, special thanks to Deng Fung, my best buddy, he gave me this Exia as my belated birthday present. BFF!!

My dad.. who fancy bout cars, bought a 2nd hand MAZDA MX-5, I also dunno why he still want to spend 65k for it.. Well.. his $$, his hobby.. as least I can give myself another ride in diff model and brand of cars..
The dashboard.. Well maintain car.. 1.8cc, normally 1.5cc,
auto (I think better in Manual)

A view of it, infront of my office. Picture of my dad's toy.

Candy and I camwhoring in my Vios, my very own comfort car.

I have some arguement with my dad lately, feel sorry as he say I didnt respect him for how I respon to him. Dear dad, how do you want gain respect when after several topic, you fed up and just walk away, its not problem solving? I am not WEIRD, if I am, you are the one who make us WEIRD, as you do WEIRD thing that people couldnt understand, and you seriously calculative, we are not. Thats is certain facts cant change and I cant expose it on my blog..

O dad..

If U want to support me, I am glad in my heart,

This broken family has started for so long,

Everyone in the family grown up,

I have my own world,

I will own what I should have in time,

But if U gave something to people,

Don't regret and don't ask for return.

I hope U understand what I mean,

as I understand your characteristic,

I accept for what you are,

We are not staying together almost 20 yrs,

Thats lots that word can't explain,

But You did help out for the family, and I Love you.