Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday's food post

We tested out a meal in 'Pick & Stew' as the advertisment in the LCD everywhere in 1U was showing their smoke salmon speg. As we curious so we decided to give it a try. Here is some picture.

Angel's Hair Marinara, kinda big portion.. I mean too big, cost rm22 (include coffee/tea or ice lemon tea). Worth to eat but it just taste normal.

D Smoke Salmon Speg.. Taste weird on speg on its on.. Serve both speg with salmon would b better. Delicious not, depends wether u can accept the taste of it, Candy refuse, but I m fine for it.

B4 we having our tea break/dinner

Candy camwhoring, haahahaa.. as usual..

New Portrait with some photoshop effect

Took some portrait of Candy on Sunday, unfortunely the weather gone bad. So we just manage to get a few. Using Canon 450D, with 50mm 5.6

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kelvin's photography gallery

Hi again to everyone,here is some sample showcase picture taken by myself.
My style of photography is more on daily,composition,,soft/natural lighting unlike studio shooting.

Outdoor Portrait

Indoor Portrait

Candid Shots

Event Shots

For Cheerleading Performance for event enquiry, do sms me as while.

Environment Shots

Land Breaking Ceremony

Night shots

Malay,chinese, Indian etc Culture Weddings, I also do Indian but I dont have any sample in my pc now..

For photography/video shooting service please do call/sms me 012-6037311 or 016-9081333

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random pic post..

I miss CHARM cheerleading old days,we have lot joy in the past..

My notebook wallpaper..

My Vios is out from Workshop, Change and spray everything that is damaged

My GPS so I can easily track up address

Gundam 00 SD, with sticker decal and topcoat. ( Waiting for o riser )

Say HI to EVA and pinky bear (DIY by Candy)

Cheredim and Arios 1/100 on sale in time square, Time Mechine 7th floor.
Selling at rm115
( lazy to blog it at gundam diva, my gundam site )

Camwhoring at Vivo BTS, we wearing couple shirt,
looks like we just came out from pudu jail.

Vivo's Mushroom pizza

Vivo's seafood pizza, recommand by me, please try it out if u r figuring what to eat in time square, only RM25+ topping with mussels,salmon, fillet and BBQ sauce!!