Saturday, February 14, 2009

14th Feb 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to All!!~ Hows the date?? Well, Candy and I went for Cafe Cafe for the dinner. We are the last couple who manage to get into the waiting list for the reservation.. Feel so lucky!!~ Here is some picture in Cafe Cafe..

Picture of us..

A rose for her, no budget for flower d la..

Her finger nail art..

A gold bracelet for her as Valentine present, She gave me a Extenal 500gb drive (Firewire)

The dinner starter, Ham with Melon.. Superb!!~

Clam Soup..

The first main course, Cod fillet


Our 2nd main course, beef tenderloin

Candy's Roar "AhHHOOH"

First Attack!!~

and last for the dessert cream puff

Love Shape on puff

Sweet into the heart!!~

Posing for the environment before we leave the restaurant

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