Sunday, July 13, 2008

CHEER 08 Big day pictures

First of all good job for all cheerleaders,cheer it out harder next year & we will rock the stadium out again.

X-plodetes!!~ Great job as a newcomer, no worries as u girl beat up sum old team. Learn from everything!!~

Lots of photo

Zodiac Family

Stunting Picture

Candid Shot of All

Sellor's Esther n X-Sellor's Lenglui

Part of CHARM Family


X-plodetes with BiViN

X-plodetes & BF lols

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Boom!!~ Here comes X-plodetes, my cheer babies.. Finally all stunt have clean up, last part is keep polishing and even more POLISH!! Thanks for the captain MADELINE to train them everyday. Juz ignore the CHICKEN POK who crapt. Be TOUGH as usual and dont be tension. At last i feel glad for u girl and u all really shine today. GAMBATE to all other team too. As we gona meet up on the HOT FLOOR. Take care and BEST of luck.

Slyvia, Embrys, Madeline

X-plodetes Family



Finally we have our shirt ready, with cap and our couple ring. LOVE bibi Candy