Thursday, December 18, 2008

METC DTS Corporate Video

Well.. This sumting i m working on lately.. METC = Malaysia Airline Engineering Training Center. So, i get bump into their aircraft center.

Place where the student stays.. Nice apartment, include salary 1.5k - 2k but... BUT u must contract with MAS 10 fucking YEARS!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

X'Mas Month

Well.. this is the last month of 2008, whats coming next? Vision of 2009? Its kinda big turnover as I quit practise in CHARM. & Yes, i m not going for the cheer camp on dec 13++ sad case as i hav to work, woRK, WORK HARDER!!! Cheerleading is my interest, Gundam is my hobby, Candy is my girlfriend, AND VIDEOSHOOTING is my LIFE!!~ GOSH... Its still the same old me next year.. How bout U?

Candy's Convo last month..

1 & 4 Month Anniversary present for Candy = Mickey Jacket
X'Mas present for Candy = NOKIA 6600 Slide

Candy gave me a Grow in the dark ultraman, lols.. Selfmade

The X'Mas Tree which i deco in my office

I wearing songkot, last week in JB for shooting Sultan Iskandar New Custom Building

7th December (anniversary day) @ Pavilion & Ara Damansara NiuZheShui