Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hail!!~ Cheers!!~ I m back again to blog for my august life. IT's FREAKIN BZ!! First early august, i went to P.Pinang for a project, doing editing stuff for a design company SIMLEISURE (well known company, which design theme parks whereby some sunway pyramid design are theirs). They are doing a propasal / presentation at Abu Dhabi ( Middle East) as they are selling a theme park design in a dessert surround by dunes..

Firefly to Pinang


Their model plan for ABU DHABI 'Arabian Nights'

A few days stay at P.Pinang Traders Hotel

Night walk/dinner at Pinang town

A streets of Pinang Hawker Stall, Nyumi!!

Before going back to K.L, Dad's old friend give us a ride with his Antic Volvo to the airport, Cool??

Very well maintain car.. With air cond!!

We reach there on time but however, the flight was delay 2 hours later. So, we have to wait in the end, pic of dad complaining to the customer service,lols..

Next blog is bout Skate Asia, i have been to pyramid for the entire week for it, selling dvd kat sana, burn burn burn thousands of event for skate asia, penat from morning till night,however,video 2 had a big income for that. During that week i hav arguement with Candy as I went out makan with Elaine before letting her know. Aiks, very sorry for that, bibi. I will be more aware k? Love you, muacks.

Singapore young skater, Layla center 6 years old, her sis at left, very cute!!

Beside Skate Asia,I m handling the fireworks competition in Putrajaya. Hahahaa!!

You need the car sticker to enter Putrajaya convention center (PICC)

A media pass to pass the strict security

VVIP spot, best view of the entire event.


DURIAN SEASON, Ready for it?

Even Big Apple come out with Durian Donuts (LAME)

Follow on, not forgetting SCP (South City Plaza) Cheer EMAS 2008!! Candy and I form a team (CoMeTz) with 2 helper from Xplodetes, LPH and Yang to compete, after several practise hardwork, till we sign up entire form for the competition, next day, KimSwee call to inform us that the competition is cancel... WTF!! cancel!! Called Jude but he refuse to answer the phone, ehh.. cabut lari ke?? wasted our time and energy,ouch for Candy.. sob!! Lots rumours why the competition is cancel,so whatever!!

Last but not least, DHL teambuilding, as SCP is cancel, i was con by ann, assigning me a job at bukit selesa, woke up early, freelance camera Mr. Liew following, wow.. Hell teambuilding.. They all did X games training unlike the usual teambuilding in KL.. Freaking tired as i need to climb up and down..

Bunch of DHL monkeys training program, doing river crossing.


Went for a dinner at sis house, her new recipe, Misoteriyaki Salmon, behind,roasted duck brought by mum.

Introducing Purple Cane Restaurant at Gardens LG near MV, All recipe are cook wiv tealeaf, less oil, A MUST TRY!!~

Try going during weekdays, Mon to Fri, 11.30am to 2.30pm, they have set lunch, 2 dishes, with rice, tea for only rm12++

Have you try drinking soup in a teapot/cup??

Last updated notice, i will be shooting Nokia N96 Launch this tuesday, And Merdeka celebration at Pavilion this 29 August. So, I will updated those blog later ya if i find it interesting.