Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Late post of CHEER 07

Saturday Morning

Finally.. Sandra wiv me wiv attire

D double Samantha, Judges

Simone & I

My ugly toe pitch

Dennis my little bro.. Best of luck in your competition

Yannus & me

Sanx2 & Vivian

YuinThing & Elaine

Elaine & I

Our picture

The CHAMP Dynamitez cheer07

Muriel, Best Cheer, keep up the job!!

AMC Titans!! I love their cheer, cute team

Vulcanz girls n CHARM

1st of all, congrats to Dynamitez!! Boom! U got CHAMP.. Lots of pic in the Stars newspaper, to other team.. U all did a great job!! I support most of the team.. Titans.. U r the most creative team!! Muriel, congrats for winning best cheer!! Zodiac!! Keep up your great job, next year new comer girls team ya!! Best new comer. lol..

Our CHARM video in CHEER07

Friday, June 22, 2007

Dennis IN TOP 4!! So U Think U Can Dance!!

CONGRATS DENNIS!!~ U REACH SO FAR!! Well, the US judges came to cheer for u as well!!~ GREAT JOB!!~ Yuz n Noor out tis round.. B cool! I will alwaz support u to the MAX, We are proud of you.

Ohh Ya!!~ CHEER 07!! Good luck to all cheerleaders.. Meet u'all there!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Held on tuesday n wednesday.. Well its kinda fun!!~

CHARM member preparing to help out

moving around to know bout all the cheer team

Warm up before everything

Esther from sellors stunting happily

After cheer clinic, we check out our rountine, video recorded..

Correcting our motion sharpness

End of the day, the above is a conclusion of everything..

Sunday, June 17, 2007

H@ppy BiRthD@y Me!!

My 2nd sis got me this mini cake, 3 scoop finish, hahaha eat by my mum,sis n me. Well, I m 1 years elder now.. 23.. Hahahaa.. I wish all my friends happy as they could be..

Here is a video clip tat I recorded when i was playing my fone infront of my tv.. Its our CHARM cheer advertisement.

I took leave for cheer clinic. Which held on tuesday n wednesday. N performing soon on sunday cheer 07. C ya there & please support CHARM ya.. Best of luck to all cheerleaders who r competing.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Top 6

CONGRATS!!**** U r the best!! Malaysia just vote u in for top 6!! DENNIS!!~ Woohoo.. Sorry for not coming to cheer for you, no pic and video clips this week. I will be there next week. I did something stupid on that thursday, hope I can fix it and I cant talk bout it on blog.. Just wish me luck.. Sunday coming!!~ Its my birthday + fathers day.. Hehehe..

Saturday, June 9, 2007

17 SuMmEr SplasH

OOoo At last i can post out picture again.. Kakakaa.. Back to So U Think U Can Dance..Congrats to Dennis again!!~ Hahaha altot bottom 6 but Malaysia still vote U in.. Just be confident for yourself.. Summer Splash .. The event kind of boring.. maybe of all the surfer who block out the time for us to play around in the pool.. Well lucky there is lots of hot chick around.. kekekeke...

Yennie N Jess

Yuin Thing N Puiling

Sellors gang

Simone N I

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

So I Think I M Busy.. Kinda

This week is kinda pack.. Chee Wei told me that my improvement for Cheer is kinda slow.. Haih.. CHARM is kinda busy practising for CHEER07 performance. & I m kinda busy too recently.. Mentally kinda stress.. Well, they say i look kinda tak semangat comin for cheer practise.. I m currently handling a project.. This whole week pack with job.. Even I asked my dad to giv me leave for some day because I didnt sleep for some night.. He just say please please I need u to work.. So what I can say bout it. So NO CHEER practise for this week? But I m happy tat I can join Vivian gang for 17 splash @ Sunway just after my job!! Woohoo.. At least I can release some stress.. Ohh yah.. No "So U think U can dance" this week.. I will be videoing a launch of a new wine @ Frangipani that nite. Good luck Dennis!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

So U Think U Can Dance Top 10

Aiks aiks.. I cant post pic anymore.. maybe blogspot blackmail me for uploading to many picture. However, top 10!! Congrats to Dennis.. Never be bottom list.. Something to be proud of.. GREAT JOB!! Chee Wei, ChengChoo, Simone, Florence, E-lyn & I r there to support.. Issac & Jo is out for this round.. I gonna miss Issac.. Poor Sue lost her partner d.. I got shoot all contestant video!! Here is Dennis's link.