Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Late post of CHEER 07

Saturday Morning

Finally.. Sandra wiv me wiv attire

D double Samantha, Judges

Simone & I

My ugly toe pitch

Dennis my little bro.. Best of luck in your competition

Yannus & me

Sanx2 & Vivian

YuinThing & Elaine

Elaine & I

Our picture

The CHAMP Dynamitez cheer07

Muriel, Best Cheer, keep up the job!!

AMC Titans!! I love their cheer, cute team

Vulcanz girls n CHARM

1st of all, congrats to Dynamitez!! Boom! U got CHAMP.. Lots of pic in the Stars newspaper, to other team.. U all did a great job!! I support most of the team.. Titans.. U r the most creative team!! Muriel, congrats for winning best cheer!! Zodiac!! Keep up your great job, next year new comer girls team ya!! Best new comer. lol..

Our CHARM video in CHEER07

1 comment:

mil said...

hey man.. great perfomance in cheer 07... hope to see more from CHARM All-Stars next year..