Sunday, June 28, 2009

Present for Myself >v<

Finally I have my own home DTS surround!! Using optical digital audio out rather then rca. Too bad I cant blast it at night as my grandma is sleeping next door, so only for the weekend.

All the boxes that i shift up my room 1 by 1.

Setting it up till late night 3am.. At last with DTS 6.1

Candy got me a Hi-Nu gundam as my birthday present

She is the best gift of my life

A sub-post, makan. At Deli-France Bistro. They are offering 50% for all kind of its own pasta bout rm5.50 to rm10 with a free-flow of root beer. No bad for a pasta as you wont complain base on its value.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aikido Master Clinic @ Port Dickson

The 3 Master from Japan to come to intruct, starting left instrutor is 5 dan, Chida sensei 8 dan and inove sensei 9 dan.

The one big crab fan

Visiting at Seremban, the first aikido master, thamby sensei's dojo.

Here is some picture of Aikido Clinic held at Port Dickson

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Photo Effects from

1 more day countdown to my birthday, 17th june.. unfortunely its still a working day to me. Today my job is Chevy, New China imported car launch in Malaysia. 1.6cc is only 58k.. Will upload those pic when I free and there is Car showgirl picture coming soon. kekeke..

Next Job Wednesday is Hennessy Wine tasting in Saujana Subang. After job will be celebrating with my Candy and my buddy.

Thursday is interview at METC and yet there is hell lots of work recently, going Kuantan this friday till sunday for a wedding shoot. Coming up with big project which is Skate Asia on early of July.

Conclusion is really being a busy month. How bout next??

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bivin June Anniversary

Its been 1 year and 11 month hanging out with my Bibi, Candy Chan. July 7 is our 2nd year Anniversary!! We went up to Bukit Tinggi for our celebration on 6th. Here is some picture of her. I am just some1 bhind the camera, lols..

She is cute and pretty as usual. Staying bottom of my heart. We having some arguement lately and I hurt her for sometimes. However I want to let her know I love her very much. Muacks!!~ P.S Sorry for the sadness..

I am going to P.D this friday till sunday for work. Its kinda busy month. Will update more when I got my free time.

Cheer 2009 is coming, Get It Ready!!~

For cheerleading fan, the national cheerleading competition organise by Star is coming now, 4th-5th July at Stadium Putra,Bukit Jalil. I will also be there on Sunday, sat cant as I will b busy dealing with Skate Asia 2009 which held at Pyramid.

Those who interested with skating please do support Skate Asia on 3rd to 5th of July.

Best of luck to all cheerleader, pump out the spirit and show all out what you got!!

The Dream of Gundam Fan!! A True Scale Gundam!! Rx78-2

I should be posting it on my as its related to gunpla.
However I am sure most of gundam fan aware bout it so I decided to post it on my own blog. Japan build its very own true scale gundam!! Official open to public on 11th July till 31st August, our merdeka day. Here is some picture clearly shown.

The life size Gundam RX-78-2 statue at Shiokaze Park (潮風公園) in Tokyo

Mia's Studio Portrait Testing