Monday, December 8, 2008

X'Mas Month

Well.. this is the last month of 2008, whats coming next? Vision of 2009? Its kinda big turnover as I quit practise in CHARM. & Yes, i m not going for the cheer camp on dec 13++ sad case as i hav to work, woRK, WORK HARDER!!! Cheerleading is my interest, Gundam is my hobby, Candy is my girlfriend, AND VIDEOSHOOTING is my LIFE!!~ GOSH... Its still the same old me next year.. How bout U?

Candy's Convo last month..

1 & 4 Month Anniversary present for Candy = Mickey Jacket
X'Mas present for Candy = NOKIA 6600 Slide

Candy gave me a Grow in the dark ultraman, lols.. Selfmade

The X'Mas Tree which i deco in my office

I wearing songkot, last week in JB for shooting Sultan Iskandar New Custom Building

7th December (anniversary day) @ Pavilion & Ara Damansara NiuZheShui


Maddie said...


Sylvia said...

Ya i agree! =DDD And i want that pink nokia phone thingy! =(( *pouts* kakkaa

gundamdiva said...

thats Ericson Z610, the nokia is the black 1, slim, 3.2 mxp cam, Nokia 6600