Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random pic post..

I miss CHARM cheerleading old days,we have lot joy in the past..

My notebook wallpaper..

My Vios is out from Workshop, Change and spray everything that is damaged

My GPS so I can easily track up address

Gundam 00 SD, with sticker decal and topcoat. ( Waiting for o riser )

Say HI to EVA and pinky bear (DIY by Candy)

Cheredim and Arios 1/100 on sale in time square, Time Mechine 7th floor.
Selling at rm115
( lazy to blog it at gundam diva, my gundam site )

Camwhoring at Vivo BTS, we wearing couple shirt,
looks like we just came out from pudu jail.

Vivo's Mushroom pizza

Vivo's seafood pizza, recommand by me, please try it out if u r figuring what to eat in time square, only RM25+ topping with mussels,salmon, fillet and BBQ sauce!!

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