Sunday, August 23, 2009

Totally HD!! Kelvin got his own PS3!!~ & the book he want!!~

Finally.. I have it all I need!!~ Target on moving into HD and Surround Audio (Surround my bed, lol)

Dream list since 2 years ago
42 inc LCD / Sharp
Am surround DTS, Digital 6.1 / Pioneer
HD blu-ray player / gaming, 1080 HDMI / PS3 !! YEAH!!~

PS3 is getting cheap as its new model, slimmer version will be launch on september in oversea, as current ps3 80gb model selling in a reasonable, yet to say cheap price. I bought it from Sony Style BTS,
currently all sony center is giving out a offer.

Console + a dualshock3 game controller (selling at rm180-rm200) is rm1599

But if u get it at rm1699 with either
a 3 in 1 minigame or a online war game

THEN u may choose another 2 package which is

Package A
KOF fighting game RM209 with another free dualshock3 controller & KOF Sticker


Package B
Buy any game with with another free dualshock3 controller &
free pouch to keep your ps3 accessory

Conclusion is RM1699 plus range between RM150 to RM250.

I choose package B which buying Metal Solid 4 RM159
coming with the free dualshock3 and pouch

The controller that you can find in my room
Bottom 2 is air-cond and my 24inc tv to watch normal program, lol

The free pouch to keep your PS3 controller

Perfectly fit in

For more details in PS3, visit my other blog which is


I have been searching for a book name
美少女外拍動作圖解X100 "Model portrait pose x100"
after watching a taiwan entertain program
我猜我猜我猜猜猜 "Guess guess guess", which on 25th July 2009

Its a hot selling book from taiwan, hit sale more then million!!~
Book content
"What should photographer & model not to do" &
Correct posing indoor/outdoor and more!!~

Asked Grace, my dad's friend from taiwan to help me to find the book,
she gave a try at the chinese book fair in KLCC and she found it!!~
(else have to order from taiwan & will be expensive for its shipping)

She gave me the news when I was in Sony Style getting PS3
Thank god!!~ Double happiness!!~
So I went to KLCC after BTS to get the book myself

The book fair, all chinese from oversea

The book front cover

How to pose,correction

Sample of portraits in and outdoor

Book back cover

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!~ P.S I BANKRAPT for all my luxury!!~
& I promise Candy not to spend like this again, LOVE YA!!~

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KELVIN LOH said...

the book out of stock!!~ lucky me