Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recent updates..

Not happening past day.. This friday I will be shooting fashion show in KLIA. & Saturday will be another cheerleading competition at Cheras Badminton hall, 9am till 6pm!!~ Its called "March & Cheer" organise by Celcom X-pax. So cheerleader supporter, please be there to support!!~ Here is some pic taken recently..

Bivin's Anniversary, our 2 yrs 1 mon anniversary.
We celebrated at Senjyu Japanese Restaurant again after Mum's birthday.

We come back again as Bibi Candy loves the Mango Salmon Sushi.
Lols.. Love you, muacks!!~

Mum's Nemo (parrot fish but its fin its also unbalance) died on 10th august at Candy's dad fish tank (they move in Candy's house since mum having fengshui problem last year). Suspect heart attack or over makan as no injury on fish. But it sure grown big as its actually mini size when they (in pair) shifted in.

Pic taken last month, swimming with others..

Nemo is the center..

Last pic of its own. Farewell Nemo..

My Gundam, MG Exia, spend entire week on it.. Fixed & sprayed in Metalic Coating.

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