Monday, August 31, 2009

3 resting day during the weekend for MERDEKA!!~

Here is some picture what I did recently.. On sat, I took Candy out for photo shooting, will upload later. &...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!~ ??? Nah!!~ Sis brought me some Indian Ear Candle,
is a stick where u plug it on your ear & light it up at the other end.

Mainly just to vacuum out your tahi telinga, hahahaaa!!!~
Inside the stick there is a sponge where filter out the layer of the shit.
& its freaking horrible but fun!!~

Sunday we went shopping @ BTS & seeking for new PS3 game
where we can do team play (not fighting each other)
However, PS3 is still new,encouraging for
single player games its online multiplayerable.
End out bought a cloth for Candy.. lol

Monday, Happy Merdeka!!~ Deng Fung visit my house for PS3,
Showing off my driving skill (showing how suck am I) in RACE DRIVER: GRID
which I bought recently. Ending up laughing whole day long as
the replay showing how I crash my car during the race, details..
Continue by team playing resident evil 5 all day long till night.
View my other blog for PS3 game picture.

Having dinner with sis & bro in law at 1U,
we end up at Pasta ZanMai, as other restaurant is reserved for buka puasa only.
Never mine, as we really enjoy our meal.

The fruit juice that we order.

Superb taste!!~ Scallop pizza!!~ Rm26!!~ expensive but worth for the taste

My unagi rice, come with a set with a speg prawn with sesame cream sauce.
Only Rm22. Not bad at all

I finally found the game that I want!!~ Team play, party game!!
Similar to Bishi Bashi but its cutie!!~ Rm175 as Its new..

Worth it for a play as Candy will like it
& other family member can share the game too as its not violence

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