Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blog updated..

Sorry for not updating for so long.. Here is some updates..
Before my busy project week, as Mark intro me for the beach,I drove Candy to Sepang Gold Coast for a walk.

We have our dinner at Pangkor Laut Restaurant, "Steam Pondan Crab" Well, its egg crab la btw..

After the busy week, I drove down to BTS for a tryout of new gunpla, and It's MG EXIA!!~ Just reach time mechine bts 7th floor, I bought 2 as another 1 is for DengFung.

I end up putting it in a metalic coating, awesome MG gundam, here is a credit, special thanks to Deng Fung, my best buddy, he gave me this Exia as my belated birthday present. BFF!!

My dad.. who fancy bout cars, bought a 2nd hand MAZDA MX-5, I also dunno why he still want to spend 65k for it.. Well.. his $$, his hobby.. as least I can give myself another ride in diff model and brand of cars..
The dashboard.. Well maintain car.. 1.8cc, normally 1.5cc,
auto (I think better in Manual)

A view of it, infront of my office. Picture of my dad's toy.

Candy and I camwhoring in my Vios, my very own comfort car.

I have some arguement with my dad lately, feel sorry as he say I didnt respect him for how I respon to him. Dear dad, how do you want gain respect when after several topic, you fed up and just walk away, its not problem solving? I am not WEIRD, if I am, you are the one who make us WEIRD, as you do WEIRD thing that people couldnt understand, and you seriously calculative, we are not. Thats is certain facts cant change and I cant expose it on my blog..

O dad..

If U want to support me, I am glad in my heart,

This broken family has started for so long,

Everyone in the family grown up,

I have my own world,

I will own what I should have in time,

But if U gave something to people,

Don't regret and don't ask for return.

I hope U understand what I mean,

as I understand your characteristic,

I accept for what you are,

We are not staying together almost 20 yrs,

Thats lots that word can't explain,

But You did help out for the family, and I Love you.

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