Saturday, May 2, 2009

Labour Day 1st of May

Rest day?? Lols, Not!!~ It's Candy's grandma birthday, Candy & family went Melacca to celebrate and is also Nisah sister Nikah Day!! I wake up earlier then usual, and head to Kuala Selangor.. Promised dad to help him shoot video for her. As he is doing the Merenjis Day on Saturday.

Wedding at Nisah's Kampung, Tanjung Karang.

4 sis

The wedding couple

After Nisah's sis wedding, back to P.J by 12 p.m, I pick up Deng Fung my buddy and Sam as we went to Cineleisure for Bowling, its not really a good game as the last right pin fall as the whole set of it release on the iron bar mostly of the game. However we continue hack of fun, the day continue as we go for a walk around Cineleisure as we find out Warehouse Sale!!~ Every was lining up for the CHEAP adidas,coma and so much even other expensive Paris brand at the corner shop.

Each of us brough a adidas shoe, mine was only RM100!! Picture below

& some Coma work skirt and cloth for Candy

After shopping, we went to my mum's condo for swimming, makan dinner together and we call it a day.

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