Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dialed 999..

Eshh... I forced to do that. Threating my neighbour as kids.. There are few Indians shifted in next door this year. At first was nothing, but starting from last month, they gather their friends in the middle of the night.

Chatting, yelling for laughter, not even bother their neighbourhood as my granny was one of the victim, who slept just next room to them. Poor old granny even me in a sealing air-cond room was awake by them with their vibration (jumping up and down) even the indian girl screaming laughing so on..

I warned them twice, they keep as me to calm down and they yet still continue the same thing but just a little bit softer. Ish.. didnt respect at all. 1st time 1.30am to 4.30am last 1 1/2 month. 2nd warning 2.30am to 5.30am ( already inform them that I will call the police ) last 3 week ago. And last night 24 May 4.30am they started gathering, awakes me bout 5.20am, thats all forks, without warning, i report police.

I dial 999 and I reported my situation. The desk recorded my report and direct my line to a police officer. He argeed and send a car to our place. Reached bout 5.45am, outside of my neighbour house, lower down the car mirror, starring up to my neighbour floor without them noticing, a big laughter came, and the police officer also couldnt stand it, walk down the car.. Knocking the gate.. they also didnt notice.. ( still enjoying the gathering ) The second officer took a torchlight, keep blinking up their room, finally only they aware..

"Turun!!" Police cakap. I was laughing inside my room behind my curtain, trying to grab picture with my phone unfortunely was to dark to get the picture.

"Buat apa kat atas? Berapa orang kat atas?" Police
".. Tak de apala... Kawan 2,3 kat atas..."
"Bising la u!~" Police
I was lauhing, serve them right.. then I just walk back to my bed.
I think police after some question, recorded their I.C, let them go. Waited awhile in their car and off they go. For those indian, their friend all leave bout 6.30am.

Well.. Sad to say that my granny was awake that night again by them, she is already 90+ years old.. Really hope that we have a peace of mind in future.

P.S Dont make me dial 999 again.. I can make things bigger beside calling the police!! I am in media firm.. lols.. Nights..

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Evaritus Lau said...

Expose them here if they do it again.

Meh, I like that kind of feeling, seing them get scold. Nice 1 bro !