Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend - Sunday

Crapt Shit.. Not enough sleep on Saturday night..
"Gambar Sakit Kepala, damn tired while waiting forr dinner"

After a full charge till Sunday,
Candy & I went for Famous Claypot fish head noodle in K.L bout 2pm


After having lunch, we go for a walk at BTS & I brough 3 star shape bulb roomlight.
We went back to PJ and we took some portrait picture, however is too windy in the evening, Candy's skirt keep blow ups.. "Ooops.. we stop then.."

After a short portrait session, back to my home to fix up the light.
Great lighting by the stars.. Love it..

Next stop we have our dinner at Chef Long in SS2
Superb Quality DimSum!! Yat Mong Ha, (Net Prawn with Mayo and Chic Floss)

Superb Ha Gao and Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao 'Target Lock'

D 'Little Vampire Attack'

'Sucking out D Juice'

Look at her la.. Siao..

Hunger for more Xiao Long Bao ( Order more )

End blog with a smilling face, working for LG Launch at JW Marriot on tuesday.

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