Saturday, May 5, 2007

Bad day.. But fun!! Unlucky!!

Wow.. Lots bad thing happening today.. Well, I promise Sam to watch Spiderman 3, the coolest super hero movie.. by 11.00am. So i did wake up earlier this morning bcos i visit Avalanche practise, trying to help out.. Unfortunely, durng a stun spotting, i fell.. Its so lucky tat the flyer got a big cushion <<>POLICE ROAD BLOCK.. & i was on the phone!! Hahaha.. Wat else.. Kena road block la.. I wind down the window, telling the police "I tak de masa la". Police "Habis tak nak saman?". I "Rm20 boleh?" opening my wallet, Police "OK" Once the police grab the $$ i close the window i fly back to my journey. The conversation is less then 30 sec,hahaha.. Park outside run up cinema n meet up Sam.. 11.15am. THe show juz start .. lol.. After the show, we have our lunch @ genki, then i lepak @ Sam's house, watch boring naruto the movie 3. Mum keep calling me to go her house to hav dinner, her home made "pan mee" so by 6, i jz drove off again heading tmn tun. Using NKVE again.. Guess what.. there is someting black long tool, like a pipe on the 3rd lane.. I avoided it but boom!! My right back tyre kena cut!! n puncit!! ARRGGHHH!!~ Tyre kena cut kenot repair but replace, i drove nearby petrol station n change spare tyre <<>rm165.. Wat a day..

Me changing tyre @ petrol station

The CUT tat costs me RM165, who set tat trap??

The replacement for a new tyre >_< What a lame day..

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