Friday, May 11, 2007


So do you think u can dance? Well Dennis can!!~ Enter top 16 d.. Congrats to him, last thursday I went there live to c Dennis wiv Chee Wei,Chengchoo & Florence follow up wiv Dennis's family. So Dennis.. we back u up d la!! I guess simone wiv be going also this comin Thursday.

Beside that, FIONA!!~ Thanks for the shirt, I reallyxinfinity like it! Jz fix me.. I change instantly in the car, Florence even dunno that i change.. Hahaha.. Too fast for her >_<. And.. U realy blog me tat way.. Hahaha.. Well below got some pic on the occasion.

Thanks for the shirt!!~ Fiona n Family

The photo here is smaller n blurr.. sorry bcos i using my phone camera only

Dennis gf waving the board

3 judges

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