Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lastest update

First of all i wanna say thanks for viewing my blog.. lol.. i didnt update for so long.. so sorry..

On the 15th of september is my dad's birthday, he hav his party at ceasar karaoke in SS2.. wiv a group of oldies (sorry to say that) & they hav a erotic cake for him. hahahaaa.. i drop by to say hello to every of them n i ciao back to office to continue my work. We celebrate his belated coming next friday nite (family dinner). happy birthday dad..

however.. i m rushing a editing to present for Datin Sri Ann Chan (Chan Kong Choy's wife) that nite.. haih.. so i hav to skip charm prac on friday again.. dunno like 54 sets of toetouch whip fine...

i went paktor wiv candy after datin's presentation. she gav me a belated anniversary present. (2nd month liao) hehehee.. she is still sweet as usual.. n she gav me a "TURN A" gundam which is the number 100th gundam model.. special 1.. she went timesquare to search for a zaku gundam for me actually but "ah G" the gundam seller said tat i got a red zaku which i don have (i dun even have 1 zaku.. haih). well.. she afraid that she buy wrong so she went sungai wang to buy a "turn a" gundam which the gundam shop is much more expensive.. well.. she make me so "gan dong" cause i promise her not to buy gundam till oct.. n she get 1 for me pula.. i will post up the gundam pic as i fin fixin it.. its a gundam wiv a big "misai" very funny n weird 1.. tats y "ah g" dun wan to import "turn A" as he assume no one will buy it.. but candy think its special.. hahahaa.. Love u very much.. bibi..

My CandY

Dad's birthday cake..

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