Tuesday, December 25, 2007

WhaTs MoRE For a K850i? K850i vs N95?

As info, i actually trade in my w880i for a k850i. Its bout (rm1470).. its actually quite cool for a phone wiv 5mpx,comparing n95 (rm1700+), k850i is much more shaper in focusing BUT n95 is good in color correction.. well, we can juz export the photo to pc to do photoshop rite?

Its obviously tat N95 is much worth value as its hav wireless,AV out,GPS.. BUT whats wiv the size, design (LCD Slide wiv is so thin,its shaky,fragile), sucky interface (blue alwaz).

Well k850i hav its own way to kill, which is auto-rotate (picture n programs),cybershot camera view mode (camera like system) and a lovely interface.
(BUT nothing much bside that..)

Touch screen at bottom (K900i wiv 7mpx is full screen touch)

Auto rotate system

I actually add up a micro lens for it!!~ Hahahaa~ As knowledge camera phone cant do optical zoom (digital zoom only) but now wiv this lens, it can jz go much more closer w/o droping the image quality. Ofcos the lens is removable.. attact magnet to stick len on phone.

K850i wiv COKIN lens, lame me..

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