Sunday, November 4, 2007

Monthly Blog

Hahaha.. so long didnt blog.. now i blog kao kao...

I was sick mid of oct. stress n tired.. headache and so on.. bad throat.. however.. little nurse here was trying to feed me medicine but i yet still busy taking pictures..

she is learning how to cook.. look how she wear to avoid jumping oil lol..

Gundam festival at Sungai Wang

I was there trying to buy strike freedom (normal edition mg) its only rm145!!~ normally rm175. however i was working later as i scare my dad scold me for buying it. So i ask Dengfung (my best friend) to buy for me next day.. guess wat.. sold out in the evening.. i expected him to buy for me in the morning.. sob.. nevermine.. i brought wing gundam KA version for rm109 only.. trying to learn spray..

Here is some creative gundam contest model.. (Zeta)

Zeta riding a bike..

The Zeta bride..

Uncle Lim Funeral

Guess what.. i m the official videographer for genting group, wahahahaa.. its freaking hard to get permission to get tru gohtong villa and his memorial park (restricted area,even press media not allow to enter). its the most grand funeral..
My gf parent said tat they saw me run around in tv working.. hanging wiv lots of passes.. ahahaha.. do u notice me when they have it live in tv??

behind the scene.. exclusive picture of mine.. (i guess i can sell it to the media as they not allow to take or enter)

Gohtong villa house entrace (where the prayer n event held, u have to get tru 2 security gate and 1 guard house to enter here)

This picture was taken when all VVIP givin their condolence speech to Uncle Lim.. really bhind the scene. his coffin was surround by his grand children.

The memorial park, where is on the way to Awarna genting, totally retricted, as only family member and official people there..

After the event finish.. we rest for 2 hour n we drive to Kuantan for next job.. damn tired n stress.. sob..

Kuantan (Wilayah Ekonomi Negara launch)
Well, this is where our prime minister receive a flower for a mysterious lady who come out from nowhere.. million of people there..

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