Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy 1st Month Anniversary

I hav a haircut monday morning, short to spike up. Qigong qigong.. i hav been draging the project as its really freakin boring. I expected her to scold me as it haven really done as for the 1st preview. During the meeting, the qigong master (sifu) was sitting beside me. viewing back the whole entire video (CHAPTER 1 to 11) explaining which part tat need to be cut out (due to some mistake and unwanted movement). However, Datin who sit bhind us fall asleep at the sofa.. (she might be too tired i guess) so no bad comment or critic on the video.. jz tell me which part n brief me what i need to add on. Lucky me.. 2nd overral preview is on monday. hopefully i can manage the project nicely.

My mum brought me a ORIS watch!!~ worth rm3790!!! (She got special price as she is a press member 45% so its rm2000 plus)wakakaka.. my 1st signature watch.. thanks mum!!

& Happy 1st month anniversary.. Hehehehe.. so fast 1 month liao. Happy alwazs!!~


Back to old spike look,waiting it to be longer

ORIS swiss... Hehehee..

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