Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random post

Hey Ya!!~ Was busy for the past week, here is some picture from my phone to blog out.

Don't hold back for Burger!!~ 100% pounder Beef, Cheese, Mushroom & Onion, Bacon!!~
Oh HELL!! That why I M FAT!!

Famous Mamak at Bangsar, Kari Ikan Kepala!!
Dad is picking their goreng..

Look at the Q

Their Recipe, Curry Fish Head

Time for me to 'control' my diet..
A very belated video.. Rainbow at C3 09, Congrats to all winning team, cheers!!~

Prudential Award Dinner

Reshmonu as performer

DJ on the floor!!~

Hennesy X.O Dinner, Camwhoring at hallway

The inside party.

This bottle of Hennesy XO 5 liter cost RM70k, included the box set.

At MATRADE building, camwhoring again.

Found this 'tang lang', I was playing with it for nearly an hour as I was waiting for some Tan Sri, Dato, Datin.. But unfortunely I didnt figure any Kungfu with it.. Lols..

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