Monday, July 20, 2009

Coke Light? N97?Z

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I drank this coke yesterday, I found this coke which it no sugar so I decide to give it a try. Its happen that the taste of the coke... can't describe - taste FUNNY, and all I can drink is the gas which keeps bubling out.

LIGHT COKE,ZERO SUGAR its says.. AS I try to look what it content..

What can you explain bout it? Still havent analys?? Every1 aware bout it??

My dad showing off his new gadget, N97.. NEWEST NOKIA, he brought it for 2.3k. JUST for the technology to go on web. Sign up 90 riggit Maxis unlimited broadband somemore.
Hahahaa.. how often he go online?
Where is the Asus mini notebook he brought 3 month ago?
I hope this phone wont b missing after 3 month..

Poor audia loudspeaker.. As the sound is internal, the volume is low..
Bad point.. Phone with a keyboard.. Its just a phone..

the size of the N97 comparing with my N95.. Still 5 megapixel? SE Idou which Launching end of the year, 12 megapixel, so which u r looking into?

Taking photo mode..

Viewing picture

Conclusion.. Wait longer for SE Idou la..

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