Thursday, September 3, 2009

N95 to Nokia 5800

As weakness of n95 didnt have a layer of glass to protect the LCD.
I have change my LCD for n95 3 times..
& finally I decided to change it to Nokia 5800
Much wider screen for photo viewing & new OS as same as N97
Nokia 5800 comes wiv 3.2 megapixel, downgraded as N95 5 megapixel
I seldom use phone camera btw.. photographer ma. lol
Lucky for me to trade in my N95 to a 2nd Hand 5800
by adding addiction rm200 only.
Nokia 5800 is from a malay uncle didnt have $ forcing to sell his 5800

Enhance by free software by my friend Ah Keong,
my office neighbour, LKB phone shop
with handy shell software, enable more shortcut & icon

Big screen viewing,cool gaming & new OS

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