Sunday, September 6, 2009

瑤瑤 殺很大 殺online

Taiwan hotest online game adverstisement
This 18 year old girl, F cup with a inerson face
trying to promote the game, the adv doest make sense
perhaps, also her breast...
Well, she became famous for it.

Many taiwan people try to bann the adverstisement
but the topic 殺很大 doest really point on which point
the game or the F?? hahahaa.. also showing on bus advertisement.
How does the oldies feel for it?? Sure kena reject in Malaysia.


Hafiz-u-ddin said...

hello... how to join rebels?

i browse through rebels blog and i can't find any information about it..

i am 20 and interested to learn about cheerleading

or rebels only interested in good-skilled cheerleaders?

KELVIN LOH said...

add malaysia cheerleaders network at facebook or tag a msg at their chat box in their blog. well, they accept basic cheerleader as long u are putting hard work on it.