Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Its been awhile I bloged. Sharing out my experience by uploading pictures, but never has a very long text blog. However, people use blog to show out their feeling and excitement and now are my turn to spread it out. I really understand what I am doing so far but I am really depress/pissed off to some people.

Here is something from me to some people:
1.I left is not I am afraid, its because I dislike for what it is
2.I don’t serve to those who not value or appreciate
3.I know what you did last summer and and I believe you will get fucked 1 day
4.No matter how you pretend, you still a dick head and don’t act like you are angel
5.To some ‘Sor Hai’ people, look at the mirror, look at yourself before you start critic, and please understand what you are trying to say
6.Everyone has his or her own style of art piece
7.Doest matter right or wrong, its matter you should or not doing it
8.Watch and learn, or experience to improve in all ways
9.You may advise, You order you pay else other people has their rights,& who you think you are
10.Do it your way, if YOU REALLY THINK

Lols, I spread my word out 1 sum. Really sorry for my bad word. I hope u guys understand what I mean, we all have to think for others.

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