Monday, March 16, 2009

Colours Of Malaysia - Germany Trip

Helo EVERYONE!!~ I am back from Berlin, with empty hand, hahahaa.. cause expenses there is so much higher then Malaysia, Euro currency.. 4.7X!! As Coke is 1 to 3 Euro dolors like Malaysia RM10++, so you will like have a meal in range 10 to 15 Euro dolors, clothing all also range Euro 30 onwards.. No shopping but Yes for culture building, lots of old church, building left out after world war. Here is some picture..

Flight tranfer at Amsterdam to Berlin. 12 hours from KL to Amsterdam, 1 1/2 hours Amsterdam to Berlin

120 Euro Dolars pocket $$ by event organiser.

Condoms selling mechine at Amsterdam Airport

Maila my planemate, event model.

KLM Royal Dutch plane

We stayed Maritim Hotel

2 of Our Male models, Peter (Left) Isac (Right)

German Sausage, Lols..

Nike Tower

One of the eldest church in West Berlin

One of the top shopping mall in Germany

Lots types of bread

Variety of Salads

MidNight Walk alone

A church nearby the hotel


Sony Center at Night

A part of Berlin Wall, This is the wall which divide Germany into two, East communise and West.

Rehersal for Colours of Malaysia

Malaysia all culture drummer

The Finale

After the entire event, we manage to have a small tour before we leave.

The 'Big Star' symbols victory and peace

Blocks area for memoriam of Jews killed

Fake Building in new development area near East Berlin

East Berlin museum

Camwhoring with models

Statue damaged during World War, near Berlin Wall East, You can see gunhole as well.

Berlin Wall, break down..

A view in the bus to the river.

Royal Church

Berlin TV tower, behind a church

The chinese drummer lion dance group and I at Watchhouse

White House for Berlin president

Berlin Parliment Old Buiding with J

and Farni

Berlin Court, Judgement Day. Tom Cruise act in Valkyries scene was taken here.

McD at Amsterdam, Bacon Burger

Last Camwhoring with a model before on board

Next stop for Colours Of Malaysia is in Dubai, Middle East.

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