Monday, March 2, 2009

MLC Corporate Video

These is the latest project I handle, MLC Shipbuilding's corporate video. Currently pending waiting for China MLC to approve the video to be release. Video was taken in Nantong near Shanghai by us, aliance with Kenjii from IM Foremost.

This is my 2nd project related to Offshore barges, ship. As current is shipbuilding, and the first one is Technip Kikeh spar Oil Platform Building, which takes me several month to finish it, and have offshore training such as Fire rescue, Helicopter escape etc.. Tough and Horrible, as staying in middle sea without my comfort bed. Yet.. Its a great experience no other normal people have before.

Coming up trip is to GERMANY!! Ya, I m GOING to GERMANY BERLIN for Malaysia Fashion Show Shoot!! Promoting for Malaysia!!~ Leaving on 9th March till dunno when. Will miss Candy for a long while..

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