Thursday, November 12, 2009

Arghh!!~ I m so pissed off!!~~~

I m so pissed off for something recently.. ARGRGGGHHH!!!~

Sorry for not blogging recently.. Kinda lots job to do recently, mostly related to banks.. I visited Bank Negara VVIP meeting room for a teleprompter speech video shooting for our Malaysia Gabenor.. & now I receive another job which is a workshop in Maybank. So I will b in Menara Maybank for these weekend.. Will upload some pic taken in those VVIP meeting room later..

Happy Anniversary to my Bibi Sarpor.. Sorry that my mind was focusing on my work lately as I m blurr sometimes as I m thinking of other things.. Love U!! Muack!!
2 years 4 month together.
I will get u a fine present while I m still looking for it.
U know I mean it as I will do what I say

Our 1st dating picture.. lol

and lastly..Happy 1 month birthday!! Marise!!~ Muack to u too..

Marise 1st naked pic taken by me, lol

Sign off here.. Come back after Maybank Workshop.. Will meet more topgun!!

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