Monday, November 2, 2009

Return to blog.. Updates..

8/48 6D gathering last month, XD all sudah besar jor

Finally.. i m back again.. Recently I received lots of last minute call to work.. Everything that i plan all cancel due to work.. XC well, everything aint that smooth for me.. Firstly,my car vios kena bang behind end up in workshop for a month again.. Haih.. Ke "MALANG" an, what to do bout it?? Spending so much time that have to report police, tow car, prepare document for insurans claim sort and all.. Even the toyota people "Zikree" still recognise me.. XD

Zikree : " Ehh.. Accident lagi??? "
Me : " Yalah.. Sama tempat, kena bang buntut.. arm belakang all rosak, lolx "
Zikree : " Ahh.. Claim insurans sendiri?? Kena bang buntut bukan u salah "
Me : " Habis?? polis fitnah cakap saya salah, I pun malas tunngu claim lain org, so i claim sendiri.. NCP dah restart last year sekarang sama lor "
Zikree : " Ohh.. Mesti tu polis rasuah la ( Sure La in my heart ), ehh semua document u bawah betul"
Me : " Dah siap sedia.."

So.. my vios stuck in the workshop till dec.. sob... Hav to use my dad's doblo.. Hate driving manual..

After setup mcp shoot on friday, i been assign by a last minute job. End up packing all the stuff.. using new videocam panasonic HDp2, rush down to Port Dickson at night for a big company training workshop. They gave me a big room to stay for saturday and sunday at Legend water chalets. Here is some pic of my room.

Wow.. Jacuzzi XD, 2 king size bed for 4 ppl.. & only me staying.. lolx

Early morning.. View at my room balcony, chalets, I heard my client complain as the chalets was noisy due to the rain drops.. I was lucky that i m staying at the tower, somemore big room XD

Rainbow after the sky cry.. I feel much better for the day. Thing will be better sooner or later.. Let face it everyday!!~

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